Art of the App

Camilla Olson on closing the inclusion gap in the fashion industry

April 20, 2021 Michelle Cherian Episode 6
Art of the App
Camilla Olson on closing the inclusion gap in the fashion industry
Show Notes

5 out of the 9 body shapes are underrepresented in the fashion industry. This creates an inclusion gap where consumers can’t find pieces that fit well or flatter them. Not only is this a problem of inclusivity, but it’s a billion-dollar opportunity. 

In episode 6 of Art of the App Podcast, Camilla Olson shares the importance of changing the direction the fashion industry is headed.  We also discuss how you can be on the right side of this change using her platform, Savitude. 

Camilla Olson is a serial entrepreneur who is driven by curiosity. It's led her to successfully complete her undergraduate degree in microbiology and advanced degrees in business and fashion design. Her career has covered electron microscopy, venture capital, predictive modeling, her own fashion e-commerce label, and now the AI retail technology company Savitude.

Some of the things Camilla Olson and I discuss:

  • How Camilla got her start in the fashion industry. 
  • How visualizing success helped her look at the future of her business and pulling those high-level pieces apart to fill in the blanks. 
  • The underrepresentation of different body types in the fashion industry and how Savitude has a mission to close the inclusion gap in the industry. 
  • How this AI technology will change not only the types of bodies we see on runways but the types of bodies that designers can represent in the pieces that make it into our everyday stores. 

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