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Jane Buescher on the Importance of Peer Support with the App, Toucan

May 11, 2021 Michelle Cherian Episode 9
Art of the App
Jane Buescher on the Importance of Peer Support with the App, Toucan
Show Notes

We can all understand feeling overwhelmed with the stresses of life and looking for support to help with that, but then feeling like we don’t know where to start. That’s exactly what led Jane Buescher to create Toucan, an app that helps people openly speak their minds, and listeners to lend an ear while feeling that they are not alone in their experiences.

In episode 09 of Art of the App Podcast, Jane Buescher shares the importance of peer support setting, not as a substitute for therapy but as a way to speak or listen to your peers in an impactful way.

Jane Buescher, the Co-Founder and CEO of Toucan, has experience spanning finance, operations, management, and strategy, across financial services, recruiting, and tech. Toucan is a mobile, audio platform that bridges the gap between existing social and professional support systems by pairing two users (Speaker and Listener), peer-to-peer, one-on-one and anonymously, for Huddles via its proprietary app. 

Some of the things Jane and I discuss: 

  • How to create a safe environment for app users especially when personal matters are being discussed.
  • The thought process behind monetizing the app and how Toucan approaches that.
  • Anthem’s Digital incubator and what that looks like
  • Strategies that the Toucan team is utilizing to market their new app to ensure it reaches their ideal audiences.

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