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Haley Lieberman on Creating a Circular Economy Marketplace with Shop Tomorrows

May 18, 2021 Michelle Cherian Episode 10
Art of the App
Haley Lieberman on Creating a Circular Economy Marketplace with Shop Tomorrows
Show Notes

With exorbitant amounts of clothing waste in the United States, it’s important we do our part to ensure we don’t contribute to that waste. Buying second-hand is an easy way to do just that.

In episode 10 of Art of the App Podcast, Haley Lieberman shares the importance of conscious consumerism in a fast-fashion world and what her circular marketplace Shop Tomorrows is doing to lead the way. She also gives us some tips on how to create a more sustainable closet as a consumer. 

Haley Lieberman is the founder and CEO of Shop Tomorrows, the marketplace for modern parents to trade up goods between neighborhoods, networks and beyond. She has worked as a costume designer and stylist for stage, screen and print for the likes of New York Fashion Week, The Metropolitan Opera, and commercials for Pepsi-Cola and Johnson + Johnson. After a decade of work on large-scale operas, films and commercials she became disturbed by the amount of textiles wasted by the industry, and estimated that per year she was contributing to nearly $1 million dollars of clothing that had nearly no life beyond its immediate use. Motivated to make a difference, she went on to research and teach fashion history and sustainability in universities throughout the Northeast. 

Some of the things Haley and I discuss: 

  • What happens with the fabrics and clothing items used for commercials or films
  • How Haley’s family background instilled a love for high-quality clothing and ensuring they last
  • Ways that Shop Tomorrows is contributing to sustainable fashion as a social re-commerce platform
  • What circular economy really means and how it works
  • The unrealistic expectations placed on female founders 

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