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Ravid Israel on Helping Women Advocate for Themselves with Embie Fertility Treatment Tracker

May 25, 2021 Michelle Cherian Episode 11
Art of the App
Ravid Israel on Helping Women Advocate for Themselves with Embie Fertility Treatment Tracker
Show Notes

There are hundreds of apps on the market for women trying to conceive naturally but very few, if any, for women going through fertility treatments. Considering the number of women with unexplained infertility, this is an area that desperately needs support. 

In episode 11 of Art of the App, Ravid Israel shares the importance of changing how we approach infertility diagnosis. We also discuss how to make educated decisions in your own journey with a supportive community at your side. 

Ravid Israel is the founder of Embie, the first app exclusively designed for women going through fertility treatments. What started as fertility preservation and quickly turned into fertility treatments of her own, Ravid realized there was no app for women going through these treatments. Ravid started tracking all things related to her fertility and treatments in excel, her phone’s calendar and traditional TTC apps. She quickly noticed some patterns as she started comparing her cycles and began advocating for changes t o her Protocol. The result was better quality eggs and higher fertilization rates. She knew right then and there that other women needed this information too and Embie was conceived. 

Ravid’s fertility journey began in 2012 with a Cervical Cancer diagnosis, followed by severe endometriosis, multiple fibroids, and an MTHFR mutation. This prompted a move abroad for more affordable reproductive care which was followed by 6 full IVF cycles, 4 transfers and a lot of experimentation. After 5 IVF cycle attempts with a partner, Ravid succeeded on her Single Mother By Choice/first donor cycle, which resulted in the birth of her son in Nov 2020!

Some of the things Ravid and I discuss: 

  • Ravid’s personal journey and struggles have led her to empower and educate other women in the same position.
  • So many women have unexplained infertility. Embie gives women the opportunity to take back control in an area of their life where they feel they may have lost it. 
  • How difficult it is for women to be properly diagnosed with what’s actually causing their infertility and the protocols and the questions that need to be asked in order to change this. 
  • Endometriosis is linked to several other autoimmune disorders, yet is not treated like one even though 1 in 8 women suffer from this. 
  • Building a community to change the game for women suffering with infertility to cope and take educated action. 

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