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Maia Monell on Effectively Building a Community

August 03, 2021 Michelle Cherian Episode 18
Art of the App
Maia Monell on Effectively Building a Community
Show Notes

Building a community around your new business or start-up is something many people will tell you that you need in order to grow and expand; but how do you do that effectively and with realistic goals? Maia Monell explains in great detail exactly how to go about doing this to better your business, increase your growth, and stay focused on reasonable and actionable goals along the way. 

In episode 18 of Art of the App Podcast, Maia Monell shares the importance of community throughout all aspects of entrepreneurship and We also discuss how you can build your own community effectively and the expectations vs reality around how to do so. 

Maia Monell is the CMO and co-founder of Drawing on her background in fittech analytics (for some of the biggest sports teams in the industry), she’s bringing a new face to financial literacy and healthy goal setting on the app. is a financial health platform supporting consumers as they build healthy daily financial habits, reinforced by community and facilitated by better banking products.

Some of the things Maia Monell and I discuss: 

  • How Maia took her analytics expertise from fitness to the financial world.
  • The stages of community growth saw and how you to be intentional and realistic when starting your community.
  • When and if you should start a podcast for your startup.
  • How to start a foundation and run it so that it can leave a true legacy.

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