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Jade Connelly Duggan on Designing Workplace Culture

August 31, 2021 Michelle Cherian Episode 19
Art of the App
Jade Connelly Duggan on Designing Workplace Culture
Show Notes

Communication isn’t always easy. In fact, navigating hard conversations in a workplace is one of the most important skills you can learn as a leader. Today’s guest is Jade Connelly Duggan, a designer of organizational culture who teaches us how to detect early signs of team conflicts in the workplace.  

In episode 19 of Art of the App, Jade Connelly Duggan shares the importance of designing workplace culture early and often. We also discuss how you can detect and prevent conflict in your team sooner rather than later because those who do this are able to grow their business 40% faster than those who suffer from workplace conflicts.

Jade Connelly Duggan is transforming team culture through her approaches in transformative leadership, social and communicative change and more. As a daughter to two pioneers in wellness and organizational structure, Jade is continuing in their footsteps and paving the way for businesses to effectively work together to build stronger companies by truly being in community with each other.

Some of the things Jade and I discuss: 

  • How Jade helped the NSA communicate more effectively with the CIA.
  • How to successfully have “hard” conversations in the workplace.
  • How to use frustrations as a way to navigate having powerful conversations.
  • How to detect early warning signs of a future conflict by paying attention to the sensations in your own body. 
  • How she sets her mood for the day.

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